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Effects of a Stun Gun

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Ok, now for the explanation; Electricity is used throughout our body.....special nerves made up of cells called neurons carry electrical signals to the brain from every part of the body and from the brain to all parts of the body. These nerves even carry electricity from one part of the brain to another! One wonders, though......

Why is this?

We generally think that it's the way our brain helps us to get information from our senses, processes this information, and helps us control our muscles and organs. For example, when we touch something hot, like a stove, the nerves that send information from our senses (called sensory neurons) send an electrical signal to a part of our brain that helps control how we feel things. Our brain sends this information from this "feeling part" of our brain to the part that controls our movement (pretty much to say "move that hand!" ). This communication comes in the form of more electric signals. Finally, the part of our brain that controls movement guessed electric signal through a nerve (called a motor neuron) connected to a muscle, which causes the muscle to contract and move your hand. All this happens in less than a second!
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OR, maybe this explanation will help you;

Neurotransmitters and Neuroactive Peptides

Communication of information between neurons is accomplished by movement of chemicals across a small gap called the synapse. Chemicals, called neurotransmitters, are released from one neuron at the presynaptic nerve terminal. Neurotransmitters then cross the synapse where they may be accepted by the next neuron at a specialized site called a receptor. The action that follows activation of a receptor site may be either depolarization (an excitatory postsynaptic potential) or hyperpolarization (an inhibitory postsynaptic potential). A depolarization makes it MORE likely that an action potential will fire; a hyperpolarization makes it LESS likely that an action potential will fire. Believe it or not, THIS explanation was excerpted from "Neuroscience For Kids!"
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We don't know about you, but we like to keep things as simple as possible to understand so here is our explanation of a normal action by the body;

Picture this, inside the human brain there are all these real tiny "messengers" in little white spandex suits that sit around waiting for orders from the "dispatcher" at the front desk. There are tens of thousands of these messengers sitting around playing cards, watching TV or what ever.

The dispatcher is in communication with the entire body at all times. The "dispatcher" at the front desk picks up the phone, scribbles something on a piece of paper and yells out to one of the messengers, "Maury, we just got a call from the eyes.They just saw a $10 bill on the ground. Take this message to the right hand. Get there quick because the eyes also spotted somebody walking towards the same $10 bill."

Maury runs his little feet as fast as he can down the entire length of the body to the right hand, "Hey, right hand. Wake up. Come on out of the pocket. I got a message for you." The right hand looks at the message and jumps into action. He reaches down to the ground and wraps his fingers around the $10 bill. The right hand scribbles a message on the paper and hands it to the tiny messenger and says, "Ok, hurry up and get this to the eyes. They gotta see this!"

The poor tiny messenger races back up to the brain and hands the message to the dispatcher. The dispatcher says, "Go sit down Maury. You are all out of breath. Take a break." Maury goes and sits down, panting like a dog. The dispatcher reads the message from the right hand, picks up the phone and calls the eyes and says, "The right hand wants to know if this is what you wanted him to pick up." The eyes respond, "Yep. That is what we wanted. Thanks dispatcher." The End!

NOW, the same scenario, but lets' have it take place JUST as a stun gun is being applied to the body.

The stun gun is releasing thousands of messengers into the body. These messengers are all wearing black spandex suits and, boy, are they practical jokers!

Picture this; as Maury is running to the right hand he gets knocked down by 300 messengers from the stun gun. One of them picks up the message that Maury was suppose to deliver, reads it and starts laughing an evil laugh. He grabs about 150 of his fellow practical jokers and gets them all in a huddle yelling out different directions to each one. A split second later they are all gone.

The dispatcher's phone starts ringing off the hook! The body wants to know what the heck is going on!

The first practical joker runs down to the right hand, rewrites the message that now says, "Come on out of the pocket and start moving quickly side to side and up and down. Don't stop until you are told." The right hand looks at the note, shakes his head and says, "I don't understand it but here goes." The right hand jumps out of the pocket and begins flailing around uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, you should see what the other practical jokers are doing! One has delivered a message to the lips and told the lips to start flapping uncontrollably, one has told the left foot to start jumping up and down, another has told the salivary glands to start overproducing. It is a riot. These guys are all practical jokers.

The stun gun is released and all the black spandex clad messengers leave the body. Maury wakes up and has no idea what has just happened. He returns to the dispatcher with a glazed look in his eyes and shakes his head and says "I have no idea what just happened but I'm sitting down!"


That is basically what the effects of a stun gun are. There are too many conflicting signals, or electric messengers, being sent throughout the body and the body cannot make sense of what it is suppose to be doing and shuts down. The true electrical messages never get delivered. As soon as the stun gun is removed the body goes back to normal operation after a short rest.